Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Substrata Announced!!! UPDATE: new contact, portfolio, info

YES!  Paul Richards' Substrata has been announced by Udon Press!!!  I was fortunate to make it in there alongside some crazy talent...  artists that have worked on several AAA video games.  There's some sample work on Udon's page for the book: here

 So, the top image was made by someone else.  The image of the beast is the colored version of an image that I made for the book.  Unfortunately, I only had the graphite version of it ready for the printing deadline.  So, as far as I know, this colored version, up top, won't be in the final printing.  Check out the pencil version with process, here.

UPDATE: Here's some places to find my work.  I'm currently looking for full-time/part-time/contract work in the video-game, board game, trading card games, and fantasy/sci-fi genre publications or anythinga...

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