Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My work is moving!!!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for checking out my blogspot.  I'd like to invite you to check out these other ways to keep tabs on me.  I'll no longer be updating my blogspot as I've found more preferable ways to share my work.  There are several options...

Behance  †  Dribbble  †  DeviantArt  †  Instagram  †  Tumblr  †  Twitter  †  Artstation  †  Facebook
I'll leave you with my most recent image and hopefully persuade to follow me via alternative avenues ;)

It's from my Behance site.  Behance is a great format for finding, contacting, and viewing artists and their work.  Thanks, again.

Also, Substrata is out!!!  Here's a link where you can check it out.  Thanks again to Paul Richards' for including me in the book.  He's an artist who supports artists...  He loves making art, sharing it, teaching about it, and enjoying all the amazing friends you can make in all those processes.  Really... an awesome dude :)