Saturday, January 21, 2012

Final (?) and process...

Here is the tentative final.  I'm kind of tired of working on it, for now.  Maybe I'll do some stuff to it down the road.  But I think I will just leave it alone.  I feel like I've made some progress in the color palette department.  With this one, I tried to stick to a more limited palette.  Beksinski's process (great post about it here, also an extensive collection of his fantasy work) inspired me.  Supposedly, he picked only a few colors when beginning a piece and stuck with only those colors until completion.

 Above is a process compilation.  I like to start in black and white to nail down contrast, form, focus, and a general idea of texture.  Then, I'll tone the black and white and start throwing in some color.

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And, if you noticed, I deleted the previous two or three posts because with the process now posted, you can see all the steps in one post.  Having all those other posts was just redundant and cluttered up my feed.

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